ISLAMABAD-The Islamabad administration has soft-launched ‘DarustDaam’ mobile application to enable the residents here to get the essential commodities delivered at their doorsteps at a considerable low price.

This initiative has been launched following the prime minister’s direction to mitigate the inflationary effects on the daily use of commodities for ordinary consumers. Price hike has been a great concern for the government and the issue was discussed in repeated cabinet meetings.

At the federal level, the government has finally come up with Darust Daam app solution. The application is launched to eliminate the intermediary profiteering in-between the product and the consumer.

While talking to The Nation, Deputy Commissioner of Federal Administration Hamza Shafqat said, “Darust Daam mobile application is launched by using mobile phones. It will be available for IOS in couple of days while it’s been running on android phones for last few weeks. He said it covers almost all the essential commodities which are also under the Price Control Act, 1977.”

The deputy commissioner of federal administration told, “When the product arrives the market, it is put on auction and is bought on the highest bid offered by the mandi. After which it is further sold to different shopkeepers of the city. As the product passes each hand, the price becomes expensive and as long as it reaches the consumer, the price gets too high.”

He revealed that mostly profiteers like ‘Phariya’ are already in the market long before the market-sellers themselves, and when the product arrives, they buy it and then sell it to the market on higher prices. Therefore, he explained that what the government did is its intervention on that level by sending its own agents before it gets to the Phariyas and other profiteers and supply the product directly to the consumer via this newly launched mobile application.

With the help of this application, the consumer gets these essentials on official prices settled by the DC without going anywhere. The application provides the DC settled prices of each essential so that the consumer as well as the shopkeeper acknowledges the real price. This would keep the consumer aware and on the other hand, the shopkeeper will sell it on minimal profits to maintain their sales as the products are now a click away from consumers.

However, the DC talked about the soft launch of this app and their intentions of launching it on a bigger scale.