KARACHI      -      Karachi Mayor Wasim Akhtar has alleged that the federal and provincial governments are not serious in resolving problems of the metropolis.

Talking to media persons at the University of Karachi on Tuesday, Wasim Akhtar said that so far the Centre has no release funds for development of the city. “I don’t think they will release any funds anytime soon. Karachi has never been given the packages and projects it deserves,” he said.

We met Prime Minister Imran Khan on his recent visit to Karachi and discussed many of problems being faced by people of Karachi such as transport, green line, water and sewerage problems,” the mayor remarked.

He claimed the government must activate the Sindh Solid Waste Management Board (SSWMB) to pick up trash from the city streets.

“The city government has demolished all encroachments it came across,” he claimed. The SSWMB must be made fully functional to resolve issues of the residents, Akhtar said.

On the rise in dog bite cases in Sindh, Akhtar said he has done everything he is responsible for. “I have three hospitals working under my authority and the anti-rabies vaccine (ARV) is available in all of them.”

The Sindh government must immediately supply the vaccines at both governments as well as private medical facilities, he remarked, adding that it was a joint responsibility of all authorities to curb the increasing cases of dog bites. Even if I tender resignation it will not solve the city’s problems, the Mayor Karachi added.