LONDON (BBC): Facebook has set out extra measures for fighting the spread of disinformation at the next UK election.

These include extending its partnership with fact checker Full Fact and improving the ad library in which political ads are archived.

In addition, it announced separate plans for the 2020 US Presidential vote, including a way to track how much each candidate spends on Facebook ads.

It also confirmed it continues to be a target for foreign influence campaigns.

The company’s cyber-security chief said his team had just removed four distinct networks of accounts, pages and groups from Facebook and Instagram earlier in the day.

“Three of them originated in Iran, and one in Russia - they targeted a number of different regions including the United States, North Africa and Latin America,” said Nathaniel Gleicher.

“The Russian operation showed some links to the [St Petersburg-based] Internet Research Agency and had the hallmarks of a well-resourced operation.

“They took consistent operational security steps to conceal their identity and location, and it appears that this operation was still in the early stages, and was focused on trying to build its audience when we took it down.”

Richard Allan, Facebook’s vice president of policy solutions, detailed its plans for an expected UK election in an article for the Daily Telegraph.

Int’l astronautical congress kicks off in Washington

XINHUA (WASHINGTON): The 70th International Astronautical Congress (IAC), a five-day conference devoted to discussing innovation and advances in the space industry, began in Washington D.C. on Monday.

The congress, which runs until Friday, has drawn more than 6,000 industry delegates from around the world to discuss the space industry growth, solar and deep space exploration, liquid water search on Mars, defense against asteroids and space transportation management. Jean-Yves Le Gall, president of the International Astronautical Federation (IAF), put emphasis on collaboration in space exploration.

He said at the opening ceremony that no one can alone achieve what they want nowadays and he urged all players to work together, “not letting anything standing in the way.”

This year’s congress theme is “Space: The Power of the Past, The Promise of the Future.”

The IAC is the world’s largest annual gathering of space professionals and its parent organization is the Paris-based IAF.