It is now no secret that committing suicides has become a huge issue in occupied Kashmir with far reaching implications for the society as a whole. Irony is that till date no serious attempt has been tried to arrest the trend that is consuming at least one person daily across the occupied territory which by any standard is worst to say the least. Unconfirmed reports put the number at ten thousand who attempted suicide and out of it five thousand have perished in the territory during the last twenty years. So grim is the situation on this front that sometimes even half a dozen take this dastardly step in a single day. Unfortunately there is no authentic research or study available on the subject and it has failed to grab the attention of sociologists and other related experts. One wonders why academicians are affording to neglect such an important and grave issue. Their research could have or can give an idea of the root cause of the prevalent abnormality and help in finding a solution. Similarly government is doing nothing to constitute a committee of experts who could give their suggestions so that the monster of self- murder is brought under control. The concern of the government here seems to just keep numbers and forget the rest. As a society people also have failed on almost all fronts in this hour of crisis. The social fabric has loosened to an extent where it seems no more there now which many experts claim as the biggest cause of suicidal tendency. With the competition for the materialistic comforts, parents and other family elders have almost stopped paying attention to their domestic matters which has psychologically demoralized the younger generation. Similarly those who take interest in the family matters put extra pressure on their wards and minors that takes them to the verge of taking their lives. And many end up taking the step only to leave the family shattered. It is generally seen that Muslim majority areas in the world witness least rate of suicides but here in our territory everything seems contrary. Preachers have ignored the subject altogether as they are below the standard, prescribed for holding the seat. People in general allege that religious clerics are at a distance from the essence of the religion and it has created a huge vacuum at the spiritual guidance level of the society. When clerics get estranged with the current issues of the society and do not find their solution in the light of religious scriptures, they become irrelevant; so becomes their preaching and teachings. In simple words all the institutions of the society have left the people here to fend for themselves and that is why we see the scourge seeing us straight in the face. Not only seeing but it is doing much more damage to the vitals of society as a crowd of diffident people does not make a healthy nation, nor does it cherish big targets. Suicidal tendency is infecting more and more people every day and the time is not far away when there will be death in dozens daily only by suicides if we do not heed the problem now. Tomorrow is late and we will have suffered heavy toll till then. Let society as a whole rise up to the occasion and start soul searching and weed out the sources that cause situations leading to suicidal deaths. We have every reason to live a good and full life. Our life is a debt from Allah; He alone has the right to snatch our lives. Any other method is sinful and against the nature.