LAHORE The Lahore Museum administration promoted at least nine blue-eyed employees without adopting the formal procedures of merit during the fiscal year 2010-11, sources revealed to TheNation on Thursday. According to the sources, those promoted include Khalid Mehmood, Naimat Ali, Muhammad Ilyas, Muhammad Afzal, Khadim Hussain, Muhammad Safdar, Zahid Akram Masih, Muhammad Anwar, and Mussadaq Hussain. The sources said that the book binder (BS-09) Khalid Mehmood was promoted as Manuscripts Restorer (BS-16). The post was created by the Board of Governors. But, the sources said, further rules were needed to be vetted by the Regulation Department and proper criteria had to be prepared and needed to forward in the Department. They said the board opposed to hire book binder in its 53rd meeting. They said no criterion was prepared and vetted by Regulation Department which was required. And also no SNE budget was demanded from Finance Department before appointment which created financial problems in salary head. The sources further revealed that Naimat Ali, Naib Qasid (BS-02) was promoted as Scan Operator. The post of Scan Operator was created by BoG in its 53rd meeting. The board gave direction to prepare criteria and then follow the criteria vetted by Regulation Department. But, sources said, no criterion was prepared and vetted by Regulation Department which was a requirement according to rules and directions of the board. And the Director Lahore Museum did not demand SNE budget from Finance Department before appointment, they added. The source further said Muhammad Ilyas was Laboratory Attendant (BS-03) and was promoted as Conservative Assistant (BS-9). The minimum FSc with Chemistry was required for the post and method of recruitment was direct recruitment or by transfer from any Government department or by promotion of a museum employee with prescribed qualification. But, the sources said, Muhammad Ilyas did not meet educational criteria as he was just 7th class pass and the museum authorities did not follow the required criteria regarding his promotion which may effect the conservation work especially Sadequain Mural Project. They said in other cases of promotions almost same irregularities were made by the museum authorities. The sources further said the above mentioned irregularities in the promotions have also been pointed out by Audit Officer of A.G. Punjab during the current audit but no action was taken against the admin authorities so far. While commenting on the issue, the museum authorities said all promotions were done with the approval of the BoG. However, they confessed, some departmental procedures were not followed in this regard.