The personnel of Pakistan Army, Pakistan Air Force and Airport Security force conducted yesterday a drill to demonstrate skills and preparedness to meet any emergency situation here at Multan Airport. The Jawans of three forces demonstrated their skills under a comprehensive standard operating procedure (SOP).

Corps Commander Multan Lt-Gen Ashfaq Nadeem Ahmed inspected the exercise. He appreciated the performance of commandoes, terming it as impressive and added that “our soldiers are ready to launch counter-terrorism operations against the terrorists anywhere.” The Corps Commander said that the exercise was carried out to enhance operational preparedness of the quick response force to tackle the situation in case of any untoward happening and for their capacity building.

The soldiers of PAF, Army and ASF demonstrated their skills by responding to a mock terror assault by jumping over 7-feet high boundary walls to reach high-rise structures. For this exercise, a call was made which maintained that some terrorists had entered the airport boundary. The soldiers of ASF, PAF and army reached the spot within seven minutes, which is required time according to the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) to launch counter-terror operation against militants.

WORKSHOP ON VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN: Speakers at a workshop concluded on Tuesday that the social behaviour needed to be changed to end violence against women.

The workshop was organized by Farmers Development Organization (FDO), Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund and another NGO. Speaking on this occasion, Executive Director of FDO Ghulam Mustafa, Shaista Yasmeen, Tabassum Baloch and other said that the laws to empower women and resolve problems faced by them existed in Punjab, but the women needed to become more active and contact concerned departments to register complaints against violence. They said that the project was launched in over 13 villages of Multan district during which men and women listened to radio programmes on violence against women. They pointed out that the programmes brought positive change in the behaviours of listeners.