We are living in the era where our country is empty handed. No electricity no problem, No gas no problem, no water no problem, no dam no problem. For our so called high class politician they don’t have any problem with these issues because they are living a life full of luxuries so, why should they care about us? What we had done for them, just give them our un-important vote, just one vote!

Almighty Allah blesses us with drops of rain. In other countries these drops of rain are saved for a rainy day/hard days in a dam or reservoir. In my country these blessings were wasted in shape of flood, which also caused damage. This leads to poverty and for politicians it is an extra income in the shape of flood relief fund; instead of distributing among flood victims for relief, they relieve themselves.

Quaid-e-Azam made Pakistan for Punjabi, Sindhi, Balochi, Pathan, migrants and minority religious people but unfortunately, he made the nation by borders but not untied by heart. When someone raises the issue of Kala Bagh dam he is sidelined. Why don’t we think as a nation? Why do we always think of individual benefits? When will that day come when we start to think as a nation nor as an individual.


Karachi, August 28.