Federal minister for food security and research Haji Sikandar Hayat Bosan declared on Tuesday that the PML-N would make all out efforts to materialize all promises it made with the public till December 2017.

Addressing a public gathering here in Union Council No-64 Piran Ghaib Road, he added that the masses would subject PML-N to even worse treatment than the PPP in coming elections, if it failed to fulfil promises made during the 2013 general elections. He revealed that this topic was discussed in every cabinet meeting and the Prime Minister kept an eye on the performance of each ministry.

He said that the masses and government considered power loadshedding the biggest issue being faced by the country followed by gas outage or low pressure in winters. “Our government will resolve both the issues and we’ll win 2018 election with thumping majority,” he claimed. He added that the opponent parties would watch the trailer of victory of PML-N in coming local government elections.

“Then they’ll raise allegations that the elections are rigged, but now the masses are well aware of their tactics,” he maintained. He said that the opponents could do nothing except to staging sit-ins and the result of these activities would also come out in terms of local government polls’ results. The minister claimed that the candidates of PTI contacted the PML-N and withdrew in favour N candidates.

Speaking on this occasion, MPA Malik Shaukat Hayat Bosan said that the government would continue its efforts until all facilities were provided to the masses at their doorstep. He added that the road between Zaid Town and Shah Town had been inaugurated while the construction of main Piran Ghaib Road would begin very soon and the project would cost Rs30 million.

It’s anti-dengue day in Multan today: The district government has decided to Mark Wednesday (today) as anti-Dengue Day and announced to launch a special sanitation and mosquito hunt drive to uphold district’s dengue free status. This was declared by the District Coordination Officer (DCO) Zahid Saleem Gondal while addressing the participants of a training workshop held in connection with dengue awareness here on Tuesday. He added that the fear of a dengue outbreak had increased due to rains and a plan had been evolved for the sanitation of graveyards of city.

He declared that a massive sanitation and water disposal drive would be launched at union council level and WASA as well as solid waste management company would play active role to make it successful. He said that dengue was a dangerous disease but its prevention was possible. “We can avert this disease through precautions. The district government and health department have inspected each nook and corner of the city and killed dengue larva,” he added.