According to press reports the Opposition leader of National Assembly of PPP pleads with the Army Chief to let the prevalent political system, which has been imposed on the people and has failed to solve the problems faced by people, be allowed to improve during the next 68 years. I would like to ask him, why only when PPP Co-chairman friend is arrested for helping terrorists and working as a front man for him in making rotten money by misusing the position of authority, is he blaming PML-N and pleading with the Army Chief not to disturb the status quo and let the rampant corruption be not stopped and those who have been looting the country resources be allowed to enjoy with their bounty. What was he made Petroleum Minister when by profession he was a medical doctor? The people of Pakistan are fed up with politicians lies and hypocrisy, they are supporting Chief of Army and are behind him, He is now the most popular leader because he is doing what people want and what politicians failed to do. Pakistan needs new political leadership.


Lahore, September 2.