The concept of education is based on movement of people’s minds, or ideas across political and cultural frontiers. Education play’s important role in the growth and progress of countries and skill is a key to the development strategy of a country.

It can help to improve living standards and enhance the quality of life. Developed countries are enhancing their education system.

We are living in an era of globalisation and world is becoming advance in the understanding of economic, social and cultural arrangement.

Through globalisation international renowned universities and schools have entered in the third world countries.

Developed countries have seen opportunity of education business through the globe.

American school system or British Westminister school system has been introduced in developing countries.

Pakistani government’s university and schools have been discriminated by the high society, only the middle class student get admission in the government’s schools and universities.

Quality education can bring the change; it can help to produce quality skillful people build the good governance.

According to the constitution of Pakistan every citizen has basic fundamental right to get education and government has to provide free basic education system to every citizen of Pakistan. Pakistani government claims that they have accomplished significantly in the educational development.

The government of Pakistan and other stakeholders in education sector could not perform well enough to provide the impressive results so far.

The education sector in Pakistan is overlooked by the ministry of education. According to survey in the past few years, Pakistan’s education has been developing continuously, which eventually helps the development of the entire nation.

Pakistan’s education system is divided into some six levels. Main aim of Prime Minister Imran Khan is bringing the good governance in the country. We all believe that education is the key to success.

The ministry of education expects to attain 100 percent enrollment levels among children of primary schooling and numeracy skills, quality of schooling and technical training.

PTI government is trying to build discipline in country and discourage the government bureaucrats from corruption. Government organs like NAB became active and high profile politicians have been arrested.

Education is about learning and it is not the wrestling competition. To build good governance in the country, we must build modern education system.