DNA reports confirm that the two unidentified bodies found in Kasur’s Chunian last week are of two boys who went missing months earlier. 

Three bodies were found on September 17 and one was immediately identified as a boy who went missing a day earlier. The other two could not be identified, although the clothing worn gave victims' parents the certainty that these were their sons. DNA samples were taken and sent for validation, which have since confirmed that the parents correctly identified the bodies of their sons.

All three were raped before they were murdered, and although police have been unable to identify a suspect that matches DNA found on the bodies, they believe the murderer must have known the children. As of yet, more than 60 men have had to share a DNA sample to prove they were uninvolved in the rape and murder of these children.

Five children, all of them boys under the age of 13, have been kidnapped from the area in the past couple of months, and all were kidnapped within a one kilometre-radius. Both the chief minister of Punjab and prime minister have taken notice of the incident and called for quick investigations.