LARKANA    -    BDS student at Bibi Aseefa Dental College, Namirta Chandani who was found dead in her hostel room on September 16 has become a social outcry for justice in the civil society of Pakistan but a formal case is yet to be registered on the matter.

According to details, the heinous murder is currently under investigation but a formal court proceeding is yet to begin, two accused who were apprehended in relation to the crime are yet to speak in the court of law.

Namrita Chandani and Mehran Abro wanted to tie the knot and get married but Abro’s parents refused, this kept Nimrita in a state of constant depression and anxiety.

Sources further revealed that the investigations in the case have also determined that Namrita had been taking medicines for emotional stability and sleep.

He said that the development of the province depends on timely and accurate collection of taxes and it is the duty of the officers to achieve their goals in a timely and honest manner.

On the occasion, Director General Narcotics Control Shoaib Ahmed Siddiqui briefed the Minister for Excise and Taxation & Narcotics Control and Parliamentary Affairs, Mukesh Kumar Chawla on the steps taken to make the Narcotics Department active, on which provincial Minister Mukesh Kumar Chawla expressed his satisfaction and emphasizing on making the sector more active.