Using phone on loo is giving you haemorrhoids

LONDON (GN): Being glued to your phone is certainly not an uncommon trait these days.

And in these modern times, whether we care to admit it publicly or not, we’ve all taken our phone to the loo to help pass the time. But this tempting habit could cause you serious health problems, doctors have warned.

In particular, they say it could give you haemorrhoids, also known as piles, which are lumps around your bottom.

The problem can originate from sitting on the throne for too long, which scrolling through your phone may sadly only encourage. It is particularly concerning news as 57 percent of Brits admitted to using their phone on the toilet in a recent YouGov survey - and eight percent said they “always” do it.

You should see a doctor if there’s no improvement after seven days of treatment at home or if you keep getting them.

Speaking to The Sun , Dr Sarah Jarvis, GP and Clinical Director of said: “Constipation and straining to poo is a major risk factor for piles – being pregnant, chronic cough and getting older also factor.

“But so too does prolonged sitting on the loo. And while in the past, some of us took a good book into the toilet with us, these days it’s more likely to be the ever-present mobile phone.

“So tempting while it may be to scroll through your apps while you’re waiting to perform, doctors don’t recommend it.”

US tourist bus crash kills four, injures more

UTAH (BBC): A bus carrying Chinese tourists has crashed in the US state of Utah, killing at least four and critically injuring at least five more.

The vehicle was near Bryce Canyon National Park when it veered off road and hit a guard rail. Of the 31 people on board, four were killed and the rest were taken to hospital with injuries ranging from minor to life-threatening.

Authorities are investigating the cause of the crash. “This is pretty overwhelming for a little county of 4,900 people,” Garfield County Commissioner told local broadcaster KSL. Utah Highway Patrol said they received calls about the incident at 11:32 local time (17:32 GMT) on Friday, in the south of the state en route to the park. Emergency vehicles - including three helicopters - quickly arrived at the scene and ferried the injured to hospital. The road has since reopened.

Five of those injured are in a critical condition, Highway Patrol said.

All the passengers were Chinese nationals, while the driver - who was also injured - was Chinese American.

The authorities have asked local Mandarin speakers to go to hospitals to help with translation.

China’s embassy in Washington tweeted that it has initiated its “emergency protocols” after the crash and sent staff to visit the injured.

Utah Governor Gary Herbert said his heart “sank” when he heard the news. “I grieve with all who lost loved ones in this crash and I’m grateful for the quick work of first responders, as well as all those who are volunteering to act as translators,” he tweeted.

The crash reportedly took place about 11km west of the entrance to Bryce Canyon National Park. Famed for its distinctive rock spires, known as hoodoos, the park received close to 2.7 million visitors in 2018.