I am a furniture exporter and frequently visit Chiniot for purchases, often along with my foreign clients. Chiniot has a huge furniture market with vast potential for export. It is very perturbing, though, that most roads leading to Chiniot are in a pathetic state despite being under construction for some four years now. This is a great inconvenience for exporters like me who are working hard to earn foreign exchange for the country. I feel hugely embarrassed taking my foreign clients with me on such shabby roads. I had written about this some years back to 'the Chaudhrys' when they ruled Punjab. They did not respond. Now that Shahbaz Sharif is the Chief Minister Punjab, things have not improved much either. To quote an example, the Pindi Bhattian-Chiniot road that connects Chiniot to the motorway and is only 30km long has been under construction for the last four years. There are no signs of it to be completed any time soon. Similarly, another offshoot from motorway that leads to Chiniot via Sial Morr has also been under construction for the same period of time. -PIR IFTIKHARUDDIN, Rawalpindi, via e-mail, August 17.