KARACHI - The benefit of the provincial governments 'Ramadan Package did not reach the public, as Provincial Food Department could not release the wheat to the flourmills of the city at subsidised rate, sources told The Nation. Due to non-implementation on the 'Ramadan Package announced by the provincial government, the citizens are paying more to get flour in retail market of city. Allocating Rs2 billion subsidy Sindh government had announced 'Ramadan Package, under which flour was to be supplied at the subsidised rate of Rs10-per kg to the public. The City District Government Karachi ordered to establish temporary stalls to supply flour at subsidised rate, but it could not be done due to negligence of concerned authorities. However, the concerned stakeholders have attributed the delayed announcement of the 'Ramadan Package by provincial government of Sindh as main reason behind non availability of flour at subsidised rate of Rs10-per kg. A representative of the Pakistan Flour Mills Association (PFMA) Sindh zone Choudhry Javed Nasir told The Nation that provincial government had not released wheat to the 71 flourmills of the city, resulting in the delay of establishment of camps/stalls to supply commodity at the subsidised rate of Rs10-perkg. Though, the provincial food department had announced that the wheat quota to the flourmills would be released from first week of this month, but so far, it has not started releasing the wheat quota to the flourmills of city. Despite summoning meetings by provincial government and CDGK to make arrangements for establishing stalls to supply flour at subsidised rate, not a single stall has been established in any part of city, body said, adding that flour mills are ready to supply flour at subsidised rate announced by government. However, the price of wheat in open market was witnessed at Rs2560/100kg on Saturday, a wheat broker told The Nation, adding that this price of commodity was continued as no big increase or decline observed since last month in city. According to retailers, the flourmills are selling the commodity at the price of Rs30-per kg in city, while 'Atta Chakies are selling at over Rs34-per kg. Anis Shahid, chairman of the Karachi Atta Chaki Association told The Nation that Sindh Food Department has issued challans for supplying wheat at subsidised rate of Rs9- per kg to flour mills, while the transportation of the commodity would likely to start with in two days. Meanwhile, in holy month of Ramadan, the prices of sugar, dates and other utility commodities have increased to record level. The federal government had announced the subsidy for sugar mills and fixed the price of white sweetener at Rs45-per kg in the country. But the price of this food staple has reached Rs56-per kg in city. According to reports, the traders have also increased the prices of the dates to Rs160 to about Rs350-per kg in city.