Former Indian Foreign Minister and a senior leader of BJP, Mr. Jaswant Singh has written a monumental book full of admiration for the statesmanship of Quaid-e- Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. By voicing the language of his conscience, Mr. Singh has earned the expected ire of his party, which has promptly expelled him from its ranks. In taking such a stern action against one of its principal leaders, the Hindu extremist party has lost a lot of its prestige and credibility. Jaswant Singh, on the other hand, has won the moral high ground. Singh through his epoch making publication has tried to demolish the walls of hatred which have kept India and Pakistan daggers drawn with each other for more than six decades to the great misery of one-fifth of humanity inhabiting the subcontinent. Jaswant Singh deserves to be rewarded by the people and government of Pakistan in a befitting manner for the service he has rendered to burnish image of the Founder of Pakistan. He has changed the complexion of the distorted South Asian history by bringing facts to the knowledge of the misinformed millions in this part of the world. -B. A. MALIK, Islamabad, via e-mail, August 19.