THE government has ruled out a ceasefire during Ramazan in Fata and NWFP areas where operations against militants are under way. In an interview with CNN on Sunday, Interior Minister Rehman Malik said the operations will continue during Ramazan. Militants in North Waziristan, part of the tribal region, had said they will observe a unilateral ceasefire throughout the month. There will not be a ceasefire during Ramazan. We are not interested in a ceasefire, Malik said. They havent kept their commitment in the past. We will continue targeted actions against the Taliban. Malik said forces during the last month foiled a planned attack on the Parliament building, the intelligence agency and other federal institutions. Authorities arrested three men with suicide vests 'in the last four weeks who were plotting to carry out the attacks, he added. Malik would not say exactly when the men were caught. Meanwhile, Rehman Malik has claimed that Taliban have killed Baitullah Mehsuds in-laws and some other people over their suspected role in the killing of their chief. In an exclusive interview with the BBC on Sunday, Interior Minister Rehman Malik maintained that four people, including Mehsuds father-in-law Ikramuddin and brother-in-law Iqbal Mehsud, were killed by the Taliban for spying on him. But, he said, This is just information, and it has not been verified as yet. Malik went on to say that he was claiming the incident based upon information just like he had done in case of Baitullahs death. We have reached to their houses and whenever they venture out, we will kill them. The Interior minister remarked that Mehsuds death was now almost an established fact but not verifying the incident with 100 per cent surety might be a part of governments policy, adding that the appointment of new Taliban chief did not matter much to the government. It does not matter whether it is Hakimullah, Waliur Rehman or Qari Hussain. Baitullah was the key person and he has been killed. He repeated the stance that Taliban leadership was spineless now and they were fighting each other. These are insignificant characters. The real power rests with the Al-Qaeda as it makes the final decisions. Rehman said Maulvi Omer had also confirmed Mehsuds killing, and he was providing useful information that would be utilised by the government for further action against the extremists. He refuted the notion that the government was using propaganda tactics to fuel differences among Taliban ranks, saying, whatever the government says is categorised as propaganda, but when a chief terrorist says anything, it is accepted as universal truth. We are not indulging in propaganda. We receive information from different sources. The Minister again reiterated his standpoint that Hakimullah was first injured and then killed in the infighting. When asked how it is possible for Taliban to appoint a dead man as their chief, he replied that his (Hakimullah) brother, who is his look-alike, has been brought to the main stage. It is also possible that some other person with the same voice and looks may have replaced him. When asked whether he sees any change in Taliban policy after change in its hierarchy, Rehman Malik responded, Terrorist remains a terrorist. It may be mentioned here that tribesmen, officials and some Taliban sources had disclosed on Saturday that Ikramuddin and his son Ziauddin, brother Saeedullah and nephew Iqbal Mehsud had been in Talibans custody form quite some time. Sources further said these people had been kept in custody by the Taliban at Sararoga because it was suspected that they gave information to either Americans or Pakistan security forces about the presence of Baitullah Mehsud at his father-in-laws residence.