Manpower planning encompasses the demand for manpower, its supply and restoring a balance between demand and supply of labour. Manpower planning may also be defined as quantitative and qualitative measure of manpower of a country. According to Professor Linch, "Manpower planning is the name of integration of policies, practices and methodology regarding manpower so that people could find jobs at proper time, proper place and in proper numbers". All this shows that manpower planning is concerned with better, productive and optimum use of human resources. In socialist countries, manpower planning is often the central plank of their philosophy. In countries like Pakistan, though, it is subject to the market economy as people are free to choose their professions. Accordingly, the manpower planning in a country like ours is aimed at strengthening the market forces. -SYED WAFA-E-ZAINAB NAQVI, Lahore, August 21.