Indigenous and wild roses of Pakistans written by Dr. Mahmooda Hashmi has been awarded Literary Award by the World Federation of Rose Societies at the World Rose Conference held in Vancouver, Canada, in June this year. The conference is held every three years in one of the countries of the world where delegates of the Rose Societies of 42 countries assemble to review the development in different fields of the Rose. The 'Indigenous and Wild Roses of Pakistan is the first ever book that describes in comprehensive detail the treasure of indigenous and wild roses of Pakistan as well as their use in its age old, deep rooted rose culture. It received widespread appreciation from the delegates and the hosts of the Convention. The Convention was held from June 18 to 24. On June 23rd the announcement was made after a secret balloting that the book had been awarded international award for the quality and research work. In this way Dr Hashmi succeeded not only in bringing Pakistani roses in the limelight but has also been able to win accolade for her country Pakistan. In fact, Indigenous and Wild Roses of Pakistan, after its inauguration at Pakistan National Rose Societys Rose Festival has already received its first award in the form of a Gold Medal presented by the PNRS to the authoress. The book explores the vast, but previously overlooked dynasty of the Pakistani roses It is thus, not surprising that within a few months after its completion and publication, it has been able to generate great interest in the circles of rosarians all over the world and has received great praise from the national and international forums where it has been presented.