PESHAWAR - At least five persons, including a pro-government tribal elder, were killed on Sunday when some unknown men attacked their vehicle near Dzagh Ghundai, a village in Wana, South Waziristan Agency. As per details, Malik Sarwar, a tribal leader, along with his son Bakhmal Khan and three others, was going to Wana in a vehicle when some ambushed persons attacked them near Dzagh Ghundai. All the five persons died on the spot. The deceased Malik Sarwar was a close relative of Nek Mohammad, a militant commander who had been killed in the very first US drone attack on June 17, 2004. No one has claimed the responsibility for the attack so far. Soon after the murder of Malik Sarwar, unrest erupted all over Wana region and all the roads and markets were closed. The law enforcing agencies cordoned off the area and started search operation. APP adds: Malik Sarwar Khan was an eminent tribal chieftain and head of Ahmed Zai Wazir tribe. The political authorities have confirmed the incident. They also said that the attackers had managed to escape from the scene. The pro-government tribal chieftain Malik Sarwar Khan had played a key role in establishing laskhar against militants, which effectively had expelled the foreigners from South Wazirsitan Agency.