I am in my 70s but still remember those momentous days of 1947. Those were the times when India was trying hard to show that birth of Pakistan was the case of a stillborn child who would not survive. It is well known that the Nehru government refused to pay Pakistan its rightful share of assets from the Reserve Bank of India. The state of Hyderabad aided Pakistan with Rs 200 million in the form of UK government securities/bonds. This was done by the Nizaam at great peril to his own government. What is not generally known is that every government department in India was on a mission of sabotage against the newborn state. I recall one glaring example from Northwestern Railway. In those early days, the trains were running freely across the Wagah border. From August 15 onwards, every train dispatched from Pakistani side came back with lesser number of bogeys than it had when it went. It took us several days to realise that India is virtually stealing our rolling stock in order to cripple our transport system. There were awe-inspiring cases of dedication and sacrifices by our Railway staff. At the Lahore railway station, there was staff waiting at platforms, waiting for trains full of refugees coming from India. Their duty was to look for badly needed Railway workers amongst the crowds of grief-stricken refugees. There were cases where railway staff arriving in refugee trains agreed to resume duty on the spot to keep the trains running. They did so with their families still stranded on platforms. -KHALID A., London, UK, via e-mail, August 16.