A LIST of the top ten British cities people most want to visit before they die has named Edinburgh as the most popular. The Scottish capital piped Bath and Liverpool in the list compiled from 5,500 guests polled by hotel chain Travelodge. The results have been named the Bucket List, so called after the 2007 movie of that name, starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman as terminally ill men with a wish-list of last things to do. Belfast, Glasgow and Oxford were the next most-popular cities, followed by London, Cardiff, York and Cambridge. Newcastle-upon-Tyne was deemed to be the friendliest city, followed by Liverpool and Manchester. London was voted the least friendly city, followed by Birmingham and Glasgow. The city where the locals had the sexiest accent was Edinburgh, followed by Newcastle and Belfast. The survey showed that only 10 per cent came close to knowing how many cities (66) the UK has, while only a third correctly defined a city - a town that has been granted city status by a British monarch. David Jones, a language expert, believes the high ranking of Edinburgh and London in the sexiest accent vote is down to celebrity links as much as voice tone. These were the cities Britons most wanted to visit before dying: 1. Edinburgh 2. Bath 3. Liverpool 4. Belfast 5. Glasgow 6. Oxford 7. London 8. Cardiff 9. York 10. Cambridge Telegraph