KARACHI - City Nazim Mustafa Kamal has directed City Wardens of traffic police to show even better performance during Ramadan-ul-Mubarak, so that so that the citizens could feel themselves secure and at ease while performing the rituals of the holy month. He was addressing the City Wardens on the occasion of annual Bara Khana(big food). Nazim Karachi said to wardens that they must perform their duties in a professional and timely manner at all main commercial and trade centres of the city. He said that whatever work Haq Parast leadership had done during last four years was not just verbal claims, rather it was a model for the next generations. He added that our leadership had nothing to do with the hollow slogans, but had presented a practical and concrete works which was not only appreciated by 18 million citizens of the metropolis but also cherished by the people from all over the country as well as abroad. He said that it was our duty to protect and maintain the assets and development projects of city government, thats why we introduced the concept of City Wardens in the metropolis which has been proved a success despite of all the opposition. He said that now the department of City Wardens has been established and we are proud on these young men who are serving the citizens with sincerity. Nazim Karachi further said that the people today dont trust government organizations but their trust on City Wardens is actually a real test for us and now we have to do more work to maintain this trust. He said that the City Wardens would be provided all necessary resources on gradual manner; however, they will have to perform their duties with dignity. Nazim Karachi said that the City Wardens help and assist people in all circumstances whether it is rain, emergency or mishap. They stay awake all night so that the citizens could relax and sleep at their homes without any fear. Same people who had previously opposed the City Wardens are now cherishing the concept and it is the proof of our success. He said that compared to previous years, citizens of Karachi now have better travel facilities due to the completion of signal free corridors and now we have to set up even better example of public service this year. Chief City Warden Azhar Hashmi on this occasion said that today is a thanks giving day for us that the city wardens have now permanent jobs. We have made the schedule of duties during Ramadan and the city wardens will now serve the people with high spirit. Earlier the EDO Municipal Services Masood Alam gave a briefing about the working of city wardens in different areas of the city.