LAHORE Two women and four girls, including two belonging to the Christian minority, were kidnapped from different parts of the City on Tuesday. In the first incident, the five-year-old daughter of Muhammad Imran, of Shadbagh, was abducted by unidentified accused. In the second occurrence, the 19-year-old (M) and daughter of Muhammad Ghulam Mustafa, of Green Town, was kidnapped by Iftikhaar, Dilshad Bibi and their accomplices on the same day. The accused persons also collected gold ornaments, valuables and other household articles from the home. In the third happening, police believed that Bhola, Musarat Bibi and their accomplices kidnapped the 12-year-old Ruqaya, the daughter of Munawar Hassan, of Sabzazaar. Reportedly, the girl was abducted at gunpoint. In the fourth event, the teenager Ruksana, the daughter of Bashir Masih, was picked at gunpoint by Raheel. This incident occurred in the Defence-A police limits. Similarly, the 19-year-old Hina, the daughter of Younus Masih, was abducted by Kamran from the Garhi Shahu area. In the last episode, Farzana Bibi, the wife of Allah Ditta, was abducted by Khalid and his accomplices from the Old Anarkali area.