It was disheartening to note that the pass ratio in the results of 9th class examination announced by education boards across Punjab is quite low. The Gujranwala Boards pass ratio stands at a paltry 27.06 and Lahores also a depressing 31.83. This indicates the general decline of education standards in the country. However, one cannot help but feel that there is no need for conducting separate board examinations of the 9th and 10th classes. This amounts to putting the students in a double trial. The system should be that of matriculation, wherein any student who enters the 9th class is considered as a prospective student for the 10th class and hence allowed to take the board matriculation exam. The matriculation is of course the first major stepping stone in the academic life of a student and creating an unnecessary hitch in the form of a 9th board examination will only add to his problems. And we must not forget that there is besides the menace of cramming rather than a genuine focus on learning as is done all over the West. Therefore, we ought to understand that this dual system will increase the dropout ratio. The aim must be to provide better education facilities to the students and not burden them under a system of examinations that is at best full of hassle.