The Helpline of Islamabad police (Rescue 15) introduced 'Computer Telephony System to block prank or undesirable calls, to avoid wastage of time on unnecessary calls ensuring timely assistance to the deserving and distressed persons in case of any emergency. People made hoax or useless calls, which only caused wastage of time and perturb policemen in performing their duties at Rescue 15. The purpose of launching this system was to block such callers and reach to the distressed persons in time who make genuine calls to Rescue 15 in case of any difficulty. Other important features of this system are call blocking, call recording, call monitoring, crime reports collection and soon this system will run in Lahore, Taxila, Murree and Rawalpindi. The citizens should appreciate this effort and hope for its better output in future. Several public welfare projects have been initiated at Rescue 15, adding that such projects will be expanded in future. This will certainly improve efficiency within the police force. KHURRAM SALEEM, Islamabad, August23.