PESHAWAR (APP) - Pakistan Army is extending its full support to manage relief and rehabilitate IDPs to their respective areas in FATA. According to ISPR, on the instructions of Chief of the Army Staff (COAS) to support the displaced brethren, the Army has collected non-food items of day to day use including furniture, beddings, shoes, clothing, kitchen items/utensils, toiletries/cosmetics etc. for distribution. Two consignments for Orakzai Agency and Kurram Agency have already been dispatched. These will be distributed soon. While fully acknowledging the whole-hearted support of the people of FATA to the Army in Law Enforcing Operations, Pak Army is fully determined for well being of people of the area. In this regard Army has undertaken different measures to provide relief to the people like organising relief and medical camps. Rehablitation of IDPs is in progress in various agencies of FATA. Provision of basic facilities including education will be the main focus.