LAHORE - Supreme Court Bar Association President Asma Jahangir has strongly opposed the military operation in Karachi and called for empowering the already existing police and the rangers to control the situation. Talking to mediamen at an iftar dinner here Tuesday, Asma said the SCBA would vigorously resist any move towards calling army in Karachi as it was no solution to the problem but has to restrict jurisdiction of the courts in addition to suspending the fundamental rights, which the Bar would not permit under any circumstances. Asma said it was misperception that military courts were a solution to the problem as they were no difference from Kangaroo courts. To a question, she said she was not interested in fresh elections but was interested only in the democratic process which must not be derailed. However, she said she would not mind any political change which is constitutional and within the parameter of democracy. To a question, the SCBA President said the not one but all political parties were involved in extortion in Karachi and now the situation has been aggravated with the new extortionist groups which are not only being supported by parties but by certain leaders.