Dozens of villages in Bahawalpur submerged as River Sutlej flooded after India released more water into the river on Wednesday. Water level at River Sutlej is persistently rising after India released water into the river inundating hundreds of villages and threatening others located by the river side. Earlier River Sutlej played havoc in Kasur where flood went on rampage after India released water into it, destroying crops spreading over hundreds of acres of land. People rendered homeless due to flooding in the provinces are evacuating to safer locations on self-help basis and making huts. The affectees said there was no help from government so far. Meantime, Badin's flooded areas are still locked under water; but, administration directed the flood victims to quit relief camps established at schools. The flood-displaced people demanded of the government to afford them shelter until floodwater was completely drained out of their villages, so that their difficulties could be minimised.