ISLAMABAD (INP) - The state of our national economy demands some drastic measures from the government. The formation of an economic revival commission comprising representatives from various sectors of the economy could lead towards a future oriented economic policy and to improve the overall business condition in the country which at present is extremely dismal. Munawar Iqbal, central president of the Pakistan Computer Association (PCA), said this while talking to a meeting of the representatives of IT and computer industry. He said that the economic condition of the country is highly fragile and alarming which needs immediate measures to bring it back on the track. He said that a thorough deliberation with the experts from private sector would be instrumental in finding doable solutions of the current quagmire of business and industry. Munawar Iqbal said that economic revival plan through this commission would be a befitting response to present economic crisis provided all the stakeholder and representatives from various sectors of the economy are being consulted. He said that our national economy, keeping in view the severity of the crisis, cannot be revived in days or months, but with true and right approach, within a year or so, a momentum can be set to uplift the economy. He said that with public private cooperation and coordination can bring the economy back on track and it is imperative to give the people hope for a secure economic future. He said that the issue of growing poverty and joblessness can also be resolved through a cohesive economic policy.