Like a lot of youngsters she likes to relax in front of the TV and will eat anything in sight. Beaky the pet emu also quite enjoys a soak in the bath. In fact, the two-year-old bird is almost as much a part of the Newby family as the six children. She arrived in an unhatched egg, an unusual Christmas present for Ian Newby, 44, from his wife Lisa, 36. Now his present is a fully grown emu, weighing 12stone and standing 6ft tall. Despite her great size emus are the second tallest birds in the world after the ostrich she has defied expert opinion by remaining tame and domesticated. Beaky was born after Mr Newby assembled a makeshift egg incubator. 'I didnt really think it would work but, to my astonishment, Beaky hatched, said Mr Newby. 'I put her in one of my childrens old playpens but after a few months she was already three feet tall and she found she could jump out. Beaky would love running about with the children and playing with the toys. Shes very much a part of the family. Because they all grew up together, the couples children Jack, seven, Harry, six, Bryce, five, George, three, Peter, two and Joe ten months all feel that Beaky is like a sister. And the emu clearly regards Mr Newby as her father and Mrs Newby as a mother. She eats 14lb of corn a week and about five pounds of her favourite fruit and vegetables, particularly broccoli, peas and cauliflower. 'Shes just like a dustbin and will literally eat anything the children toss in her mouth. In fact shell eat just about anything if allowed to keys, drill bits, sponges. MO