NEW DELHI (AFP) - The Indian government held its first talks Tuesday with supporters of fasting activist Anna Hazare, seeking a way out of a high-stakes standoff over new anti-corruption legislation. Law Minister Salman Khurshid met with Arvind Kejriwal, a senior member of Hazare's Indian Against Corruption campaign, for what both men described as preliminary discussions to sound out each other's position. "There has been no progress on the contentious issues. We just had general discussions," Kejriwal told reporters. "We met them to get information, understand their view point. There was no agenda." The talks came on the eighth day of 74-year-old Hazare's fast, which is aimed at forcing the govt to adopt his own version of a new anti-corruption bill. Indian PM Manmohan Singh offered the first concessions Tuesday in his high-stakes standoff with activist Anna Hazare, urging him to end an anti-graft fast that has triggered huge protests. Hazare insists the government bill is toothless, and says he will continue his fast -- now in its eighth day.