CHUNIAN - The flash flood of 77,000 cusecs of water in River Sutlej at Ganda Singhwala in Kasur has submerged several villages and crops at thousands of acres of land after the release of more water by India on Monday After going wild, the gauge of River Sutlej in Kasur, which was at 19.40 feet on Monday, significantly went up to 19.80 feet on Tuesday. 77,000 cusecs of water was passing through River Sutlej on Tuesday as compared to 68,000 cusecs on Monday. Nearby villages including Nagar, Aimen Pura, Shehjara, Chanda Singhwala, Kalanger, Kasoki and Mashteki were completely under water and the population there had been evacuated by the local administration. People of these villages were sitting in the open sky without any shelter unveiling the poor administration of the district authorities. After heavy Monsoon rains in Indian and Pakistani border areas, it was expected that a flood in River Sutlej could hit the area. However, the local authorities could not make proper arrangements and badly failed to provide relief and shelter to the flood-hit population of these villages. It is worth mentioning that provincial government had released a sum of Rs 1.4 million to district administration to meet its urgent needs and help the flood affectees a few days ago. But, the administration has not yet spent this monetary help in the flood-hit areas. However, locals are donating food and other goods to provide relief to these flood victims. Crops on thousands of acres of land in these villages have been destroyed and upcoming days will be more hard and challenging for these villagers as their bread and butter is dependent on these crops. Most of these villages are based on occupied land across the riverbed. Although authorities tried a number of times to evacuate these villages before flood but the villagers refused to leave their places. It is hoped that the river level will go down in upcoming days. Meanwhile, flood warning has been issued here in Head Sulemanki areas of River Sutlej while the rivers water level has constantly been mounting up as more water is flowing from the Indian side. Currently, 48,000 cusecs of water is flowing in the river. Earlier, India spilled more than 70,000 cusecs of water into the river in the Pakistani side which mounted its water level to an alarming point and inundated dozens of villages of Kasur after creating an emergency flood situation in the area. Authorities have created flood camps in the endangered areas of Kasur to overcome any possible mishap. It is feared that the expected high flood of water can destroy the ready crops on a vast land comprising hundreds of hectares. The water capacity of the river when it was constructed was above 0.2 million cusecs but with the passage of time and due to discontinued flow of water from Indian side, central place of the river has risen. The locals who use the land for agriculture have started leaving the place after the flood warning. Meanwhile, flood situation in Mailsi Siphon and Head Islam is a little dangerous. The people living on both sides of the river have been asked to vacate the area. This was stated by an official, Syed Arjund Hussain Jaferi, adding that about 65,000 cusecs of water was flowing in Head Ganda Singh with 19 feet height. He observed in Head Sulemanki 51,000 cusecs water was flowing, in Head Islam 23,000 cusecs and in Head Saifan 16,000 cusecs water was flowing. The total capacity of Head Saifan, he warned, was 45,000 to 50,000 cusecs. He said the administration had taken all security measures regarding floods so there was no chance to face critical situation. Agencies add: The water level at Ganda Singh Headworks is constantly mounting up. According to data collected by the Flood Forecasting Division, the current water flow at Ganda Singh Headworks is expected to rise further to 80,000 cusecs till the evening. Owing to the flood in River Sutlej, it is feared that the lower areas of Kasur, Okara, Pakpatan, Vihari and Bahawalnagar will be inundated. India had announced to release 70,000 cusecs water on August 13. The rescue teams reached the area. The flood inundated crops in villages, including Bhikiwind, Pattan, Ghatti Klunjer, Mastayki, Kamalpura, Basti Bangladesh, Phattiwala, Dhup Sari, Sehjura, Nagar, Sheikhpura, Baqirke, Kotli Fateh Muhammad and Usmanwala. Meanwhile, the flood disrupted the road links to Masteyki, Bhikkiwind, Klunjer, Dhup Sari, Pattan, Chanda Singhwala, Hakuwara and Basti Bangladesh. People with the help of Rescue 1122 used boats to shift to safer places. The district administration claimed that the situation was under control and relief goods were being provided in the affected areas. The district administration has also established relief camps and free medical camps in the affected areas. Villagers alleged that the district administrations arrangements in the affected areas were inadequate. They said they, with their cattle, were shifting to safer places on self-help basis. It is being predicted that India would release 80,000 cusecs water in near future. DCO Syed Irshad Hussain Shah said the arrangements had been finalised to deal with any emergency in the affected areas. Earlier, previous week, dozens of villages were flooded and ready crops on hundreds of hectares of land were destroyed by the Indian water spilled in River Sutlej.