Sindh interior minister Manzoor Wasan Wednesday reiterating that Karachi operation was being conducted without parties affiliations said that Rangers have been given no new authority for bringing peace to the city. Talking to media here in Karachi, Wasan said that for peace in Karachi allied parties had been consulted before the operation and decision of action against target killer was taken after ignoring parties differences. He told the journalists that initially operation was being conducted in 9 areas of the city which were pin-pointed by the intelligence source and police and rangers were giving positive results however he could not disclose all sensitive information about the ongoing operation. Wasan said the purpose of operation was to arrest the miscreants involved in target killing and 11 criminals have been detained in two days. He told that investigation were underway from the arrested target killers to reach their focal points. On a query he said that allied parties decided to go-ahead with operation for peace in the financial capital of the country. Meanwhile Several suspects have been arrested in Karachi as rangers search operation continues in several selected areas of the city on Wednesday. According to media reports, the rangers launched search operation on Tuesday mid-night in nine selected areas and during that they arrested many suspects from various areas in link with unrest and violence in the city. Wednesday morning, the rangers launched search operation in Essa Nagrees different apartments and arrested six more suspects. The rangers also cordoned off Sultan Apartments, Jummani Arcade and Five Star Arcade near old Sabzi Mandi on University Road and searched them all. Rangers also tried to search the Liyyari but after resistance from the residents the forces got out the area.