ISLAMABAD - Pakistan cricket and controversy are the two sides of same coin. Every sports lover not only in Pakistan but internationally accepts that Pakistan cricket team is blessed with so many natural stars who can turn around the game in a short span of time. But on the other hand it is also true that Pakistan team is known for its blunders and throwing away matches against the much weaker oppositions. At a crucial stage when Pakistan team is set to depart on Zimbabwe tour, suddenly the resignation of head coach Waqar Younis have left many questions needed to be answered both by Waqar and the Pakistan Cricket Board officials. Nobody is going to believe Waqar has resigned just because of his ill-health. If he wanted to discontinue his coaching assignments he could have done this much earlier, so what was the reason behind Waqar's decision to quit the team soon after the Zimbabwe series? The timing and announcement of this news is not right at all as this will affect the already under pressure Pakistan team who is going on this tour with several new faces. Only captain Misbah, Younus and last-minute entrant Shoaib Malik will defiantly provide Pakistan a much-needed balance in the middle order, otherwise the rest of the squad will heavily rely on the experience of Saeed Ajmal. Pakistan bowling was always their secret and main weapon on which team depended heavily. But this current squad lack depth in bowling while the batting is also very weak. These things in fact were enough for the selectors to focus. Now, the Waqar saga will further add to the problems of the PCB. Pakistan team needs a batting coach rather than a bowling coach, instead of hiring Waqar and Aaqib as both of them were fast bowlers and both of them can hardly bat with some exception to Waqar as he had played one or two good innings. Pakistan is blessed with so many past batting greats such as Hanif Muhammad, Majid Khan, Zaheer Abbas, Javed Miandad and many more who can help the youngsters by imparting them the batting tips and told them what shot to play and which ball to leave. Now when Waqar has decided to quit after Zimbabwe tour, it is the ideal time for the Board to make amends to their past mistakes and hire either Hanif Muhammad, Miandad or Zaheer Abbas as head coach as these gentlemen have what it takes at the top level and they have proven themselves as the masters of the game during their playing days. Ijaz Butt must set aside his personal differences with Miandad for the sake of cricket and hand over the coaching assignment to Miandad. One thing is sure that Javed has always played for the pride of the country and he will not let down Ijaz and will accept the offer as challenge. In present circumstances nobody other than Miandad can revive the fast declining fortunes of the national team. Pakistan is all set to embark upon Zimbabwe tour and Zimbabwe is on a high after winning both Test and One Day series against Bangladesh and they have find a lethal combination in form of Vitori and Jarvis who are bowling with exceptional pace and venom and taking lots of wickets between them. On the other hand Pakistan team is out of practice as they have not played competitive cricket for a while and the players will take some time to adapt to the conditions which will certainly favour the home side.