OUR STAFF REPORTER LAHORE - Pakistan Football Federation (PFF), All India Football Federation (AIFF) and TouchSky Sports have decided to dedicate the 'Clash of the titans football match' on September 3 in the memory of the three innocent young men (Haroon Jehan, Shehzad Ali and Abdul Musavir) who were killed in Birmingham during the recent riots in UK, says a press release of PFF. The lives of these three heroes' can never be replaced however, measures need to be put in place for the prevention of future incidents and to bridge the divide within the community. In recognition of this objective and following kind agreement from Tariq Jahan and other family members we wish to donate all profits from the match to set-up a legacy programme dedicated to the memory of Haroon Jahan, Abdul Mussavir and Shahzad Ali, said a PFF official. This will be for the first time that India and Pakistan will play each other in football in the United Kingdom. The match will be attended by Tariq Jahan, Abdul Quddoos and other family members and friends. It will be launched with a one-minute silence in memory of the young men; both teams will also wear black armbands.