Our Staff Reporter KOT ADDU - The miseries of the inhabitants of western side of city along Railway line have multiplied due to unhygienic sanitary conditions prevailing in the area. The TMA officials almost ignored these localities. The localities of Al-Shams Colony, Basti Gaman Shah are facing great difficulties. Sewage system is not available and streets are showing like ponds of sewage. Many streets are seen flooded with dirty water, emitting obnoxious smelling while sewage spelling over from the choked drainage pipes. It has become almost impossible for pedestrians to walk through without sullying their clothes. The streetlights are absent and darkness can be seen everywhere and theft incidents are common during nights. Mosquitoes are common and there is danger of dengue virus. The city welfare organisation said that dismal sanitation facilities were causing preventable diseases in the city They urged the authorities concerned to take immediate action to improve the sanitary conditions in the city.