LAHORE - A constitutional petition has been filed in the Supreme Court of Pakistan against army operation in Karachi and for the constitution of a commission at the head of a Supreme Court judge, may be retired, to enable the police, rangers and other civil agencies to take proper action without coming under pressure or accepting influence from any side. The petitioner, Watan Party, is sternly opposed to army action in Karachi as it would provide justification to the United Nations to interfere and lead the country to face the same situation which the people in Libya are facing now. Through Barrister Zafarullah Khan, it says, calling in army to control the bloody situation in Karachi will amount to a breach of the Articles 55 and 56 of the UN Charter and the foreign powers through UN would get an opportunity to intervene in Karachi if the Army in action would kill the people and target killers and the country may then be drifted to the same situation being witnessed in Libya. The petitioner has sought only civil machinery coming into action to control the situation and in order to operate that machinery in a proper manner and with a spirit to achieve the target result, it says, a commission may be set up which monitors and directs the operation of civil machinery. The petitioner says the quarters calling for the military action are either ignorant of the international law or they are playing in the hands of the anti-state forces which intend to separate Karachi by means of providing room to the foreign elements to intervene in Karachi through the UN. The petitioner further contends that the UN has already expressed serious concern over the Karachi situation when the fact is that the international body never uttered a single word of condemnation over the killing of thousands of innocent people in Held Kasmir at the hand of Indian forces and over the killings occurred through US drone attacks. It said US drones so far have carried out as many as 478 attacks killing around 3,000 people but the UN has never said a single word of condemnation. In this situation, the petitioner says, thought must be given to the fact the foreign elements are on the prowl to see the military in Karachi so that they could get a foothold to intervene in Pakistan affairs to create the same situation as in Libya to ultimately partition this part of the country. Meanwhile, the Lahore High Court Bar Association (LHCBA) has opposed the demand made by certain quarters to call army in Karachi to ameliorate the situation wrought by unabated target killings in this commercial hub of the country.