ABBOTTABAD - Tehreek Suba Hazara (TSH) has warned that some unscrupulous elements were using its name for parochial political mileage by using the name 'Suba Hazara Tehreek saying that Hazara Movement had nothing to do with this small groups formed by Q-Leagues vested interests who were bound to fail. Addressing a press conference here, the TSH leaders came down hard on the PML-Q alliance formed in the guise of a forged name Suba Hazara Tehreek. Fida Hussain, General Secretary TSH, said, After allowing every benefit of doubt to the PML-Q leaders from Hazara we have finally been forced by these leaders to put facts on the table and let the people decide who is their true representative as Tehreek Suba Hazara is only answerable to the common masses of Hazara and none other. Chief of Tehreek Suba Hazara Sardar Haider Zaman is sitting in Aitkaf therefore he was not present in the press conference. Fida said after failing in high jacking Baba Haider Zaman-led Tehreek Suba Hazara, Q Leagues contrived alliance under a forged name of Suba Hazara Tehreek is an all out and last ditch effort of a group of elderly and old fashioned politicians to form an alliance of Q League leaders from Hazara for next elections; justify and protect recently acquired political portfolios in front of their party leadership; ensure smooth transfer of their decades old political influence to their next generations, comprising their sons only. He also said that movements do not succeed by copying names. History is full of examples to substantiate the fact that movements only succeed by winning undeterred confidence of the masses in the objectives and sincerity of the leaderships. He said that the name being used by the PML-Q alliance headed by Sardar Yousaf is unethical as well as illegal. Tehreek Suba Hazara is name of a political party registered with Election Commission of Pakistan. If Q-League alliance does not seize to use the name Suba Hazara Tehreek we reserve our right to refer this case to a court of law. Dr Azhar Khan Jadoon, spokesman for Tehreek Suba Hazara added that unfortunately the prevailing political trends thrive on principles of deceit and deception. The breakaway faction comprising Q League alliance has confirmed long standing public apprehensions and doubts about their sincerity of intent. Since the start of Tehreek Suba Hazara this Q League factions role remained persistently devious and cunning. However, after miserably failing in coercing Babas lead Tehreek Suba Hazara as per their personal designs they have now come up with their sneaky political move of forming an unholy alliance aimed at damaging Tehreek Suba Hazara and its struggle for Hazara Province and rights of the people of Hazara. He did not rule out the possibility of these Q league leaders playing stooges for anti Hazara forces. Tehreek Suba Hazara never had any election rivalries or alliances with any political party however, it had and continues to have reason based dignified differences with all groups, including PML(N), and other parties guilty of disregarding Hazarawals opinion on renaming of NWFP and killing our young peaceful protesters, he said. Sardar Waqar Nabi accused the PML-Q of trying to divide the Hazara Movement by means of cunning tactics and said that PML-Q conspiracies would be foiled by the people of Hazara.