LAHORE Rice Exporters Association of Pakistan (REAP) Vice Chairman Taufiq Ahmed Khan has said that Pakistan has exported around 18,000 metric tons of rice worth $19 million to the US during the fiscal year 2011. He was talking to Ian C Winborne, Plant Health Advisor, US Embassy Islamabad. Dr Ashafq Ahmed, Antomologist, DPP, Lahore, Dr. Amin Ullah, Director, DPP, Karachi, Hamid Malhi, President, BGA and Mian Iqbal Aziz, Ex-MC Member of REAP were also present during the meeting. Ian C Winborne invited the attention of the participants regarding appearance of Khapra Beetle in rice consignments sent to USA. Ian further described that Department of Plant Protection will certify that each rice consignment has been inspected according to the US requirements by the issuing a phytosanitary Certificate. He also expressed that the appearance of dead insect in rice consignments exported to USA has increased recently. In this situation, he said, the Department of USA (APHIS) is taking serious steps to all rice consignments exported from Pakistan. During the discussions, Taufiq Ahmed Khan said that as regards to Khapra Beetle problems in some of the rice shipment exported to USA, we are taking this issue on top priority with Department of Plant Protection. He further added that we are working to hold in collaboration with DPP, one-day workshop in Lahore and Karachi for the awareness of rice exporters with regard to Khapra Beetle (Dead Insect) in the rice consignments exported particularly to USA, Mexico and Russia. During the discussions, Dr. Ashfaq Ahmed said that we are sure that during the coming days we will be able to meet this challenge and resolve this issue in the larger interest of rice export sector. Taufiq Ahmed Khan suggested to Ian C. Winborne to hold another meeting with REAP members exporting rice to USA.