OUR STAFF REPORTER BAHAWALPUR - The Zarai Taraqiati Bank Limited will introduce a scheme to promote agriculture sector and check misuse of agriculture loans by providing farmers with inputs instead of money. Under this programme, the officers would be deputed to conduct survey in the allotted areas of 2,3 villages to check needs of the growers for better output and these officers would provide the required items to the growers instead loans to save the amount, the ZTBL president said. Pakistan is now in position to export wheat and hopefully this season cotton will also be exported which will help boost over national economy. The government has approved a summery to write off growers loans in the flood-hit areas and this policy will soon be announced, Zaka Ashraf said in a radio interview aired by the Radio Pakistan Bahawalpur. He said that it was due to performance and corporations of the bank staff whose salaries had been increased as well as they have been given due promotions despite bonus. He announced a farmers exhibition in Bahawalpur to introduce latest agriculture technology including tractors for the betterment of the growers after Eid. The ZTBL president said that the has rapidly improved its performance and now it had deposits of more then Rs10 billions with in 3 years, while its deposits work only Rs 1 billions when he took over the charge of presidentship of the bank. He disclosed that the governments policy had brought encouraging results as now ZTBL had been earning profit instead of deficit of Gen. Musharraf regime when it was under deficit of around Rs.6 billion per year. He also said that the governments polices had brought improvement in the agriculture sector, adding that production of cotton, sugarcane and rice has enhanced despite floods in the country.