Pakistani elite ruling class considers themselves as a breed apart, separated by their wealth from the masses. They believe that they are of noble birth and were born to rule (173 million approximately) hapless poor Pakistani commoners; our young princes such as Bilawal Bhutto and Hamza Sharif portray themselves as the British raj princes. They have no wish to impart education or economic stability to the poor or make their lot better.

It is irony that our so-called democratic governments have always discouraged the third tier of government, while military dictators have facilitated the holding of local body’s election, and during the last five year’s civilian government they have avoided holding of local government elections. Although under Article 140 of the constitution of Pakistan local body election are mandatory to be held on party basis, even now due to the pressure of Supreme Court the provincial government are reluctantly passing different system’ of local government Acts. Sindh and KPK want election on party basis while Punjab government of PML-N wants to hold elections on non party basis, following the legacy of General Zia ul Haq, Sindh government has also passed the local government law of General Zia ul Haq.

Majority of the members from Punjab and Sindh Assemblies are Feudal lords and ‘Robber Barons’, whose only profession and pastime is politics, having no worry to earn livelihood they can think of more Machiavellian plans to rob the nation. With families abroad and earnings and assets abroad they have no loyalty to Pakistan! How do we expect them to work for the betterment of the people of this country? We need patriotic people in both the assemblies who pass bills which will make this into a nation on the road to growth and prosperity.

I wonder how two different compositions of local governments in each province will strengthen the Federation and will create unity among provinces. Why is PML-N afraid of holding election on non party basis when they have majority at the Center Province level?


August 21.