The residents of village Dakhner have been faced with acute shortage of potable water for many years thus are suffering from different diseases as both the people and cattle heads have to drink unhygienic water from a pond, it is learnt.

This is an ample proof that the so called public representatives of the area are least interested in resolving such genuine problems, people said. In the village, almost 120km away from Attock, hundreds of families are deprived of water facility as the supply system went out of order many years ago, they said.

The residents of Dakhner said that the underground water in the area was not worthy to be drunk and the water got through hand pumps was too bitter to drink. As water of hand pumps is not fit for drinking, the people have no alternative but the unhygienic pond water which causes different diseases like gastro and cholera.

Brigadier (r) Zarin Khan Khattak who is also the resident of Dakhner said that a sum of Rs1.8 million was allocated for the rehabilitation of the water supply system but the funds had been embezzled by the contractor with the connivance of some villagers and the high-ups of Tehsil Municipal Administration of Jand.

He demanded an inquiry at appropriate level to bring the accused to book and also demanded that the “embezzled” funds should be recovered from them. He further demanded that fresh funds should be allocated for the rehabilitation of the system.

When contacted, Tehsil Officer Haji Zahoor said that Rs 1.8 mill was allocated for the system and some of the machinery was replaced but due to certain reasons the supply scheme could not be made operational. He said that out of the allocated funds, Rs0.45 million was still available with the TMA.