In a drag race, two challengers race down a straight road. Usually, light sports cars fitted with powerful engines are used in this race. Winning the race requires being able to change gears quickly and smoothly at the perfect time. Since the cars normally speed down a straight road, spectator’s feel safe standing just on the side and watching the events unfold at relative proximity. Drivers are required to keep a close watch on their rpms, turning and maneuvering skills are not tested.

Late night heavy bikes and car racing on Main Boulevard and DHA Phase 8 in Lahore has become a regular feature over the years. These roads attract a large number of motorcyclists and car riders on weekends that not only risk their lives but pose a threat to the safety of other motorists and pedestrians.

These passionate boys guide there mechanics by their own mind and knowledge which they get from internet to modify their cars and make them unique and fast in their own respective ways. In 2009, when the Tourism Development Corporation of Punjab (TDCP) arranged its first drag event in Lahore; we could see an accident coming – as normally, on drag strips, four-feet high concrete walls are erected on both sides of the road throughout the quarter mile.

Banning racing in Pakistan is not the solution. People will continue to do so on public roads endangering everyone’s’ lives. In this case we have two examples, Japan and Saudi Arabia. Japan cured its drifting menace from public roads by accepting drifting as a proper event and introduced Drifting Series. On the other hand, Saudi Arabia decided ban car drifting on roads but people still drift on the roads resulting in frequent fatal accidents.

Youngsters spend a lot of money on their cars they are inspired by the Hollywood movies like fast and furious, born to race etc but they don’t have proper place where they should do drag racing that is the reason they do drag race on the roads near Main Boulevard and DHA phase 8 which is dangerous for them and the public as well. Many people in Pakistan love car racing and they want to see fast cars and Pakistani youth is passionate about extreme sports but they get no opportunities at government level. Government of Pakistan should give them a proper place where the youngsters should do drag race and do not risk other’s lives.