Amy Adams cancelled an interview on Today at the last minute, ‘freaking out’ when she realised she would be asked about the Sony hack, it has been claimed.

The redheaded actress had been due to appear on the US morning programme to promote her upcoming movie Big Eyes. However, when she realised that the majority of the questions would be about the recent Sony hack, she is said to have refused to take part in the interview.

The 40-year-old actress was involved in the scandal surrounding the Sony hack when leaked internal emails revealed that both she and Jennifer Lawrence were paid 2 percent less than their male co-stars on American Hustle. According to the New York Daily News, Amy’s scheduled interview was ‘cancelled at the last minute’ when she clashed with producers about the questions she would be asked.

The publication claims that Amy ‘got aggressive’ in the green room when show bosses insisted that the Sony hack should be discussed.

The actress is then alleged to have left without completing her scheduled interview. A representative for Amy had not commented on the reports at press time.

Despite Amy apparently being paid less for her role in American Hustle than Christian Bale and Bradley Cooper, the actress is one of the most in demand in Hollywood, and has five Oscar nominations to her name. And in a recent interview, Amy insisted that while she has yet to take home one of the gold statues, she remains confident in her acting ability. ‘I’ve gained a lot of confidence in myself and have used it in my work. In my late 20s, I realized that I needed to change my attitude or I would be very unhappy. I stopped worrying and began to take more chances - and learnt to trust my instincts,’ Amy told the American edition of OK! magazine.