cm new york - Paddy and Christine McGuinness have put up their first Christmas tree in five years.

The couple have hoisted a large tree outdoors, explaining that their three children, twins Leo and Penelope, five, who have autism, and Felicity, two, do not respond well to changes in their environment. The Take Me Out presenter, 45, and his other half, 30, both shared snaps of the enormous tree which is now standing in their garden.

'The little uns are more relaxed with it outside and after a 5 year wait I finally get to go big time with the lights.'

The blonde donned an eye-catching blue mini-dress for the clip, smiling proudly before the tree.

Speaking to the Daily Mirror, Christine told how the children will not have a traditional Christmas meal this year.

'Paddy and I will try to have a Christmas meal but it will probably be cold because it’s just ‘as and when’ we can. We might not even eat together.'

The Real Housewives of Cheshire star added that there is no 'Santa' in their household as the concept of a man coming down the chimney would likely frighten them. She told how the couple don't wrap the children's Christmas presents as it may lead them to worry about what is inside and added that they all have 'hearts of gold'.

In December 2017, the model shared a photo of the family's Christmas stockings, while explaining how difficult the festive season can be for the twins. She wrote: 'Daddy, Mummy, Leo, Penelope, Felicity. I think this is enough for our Christmas decorations, I'm nervous about putting a tree up, I don't think I'm going too.

'Last year was the most upsetting Christmas we've had, we had just been told our twins had autism and we felt very out of our depth. Christmas massively affects the twins' behaviour.

'They were extremely anxious and unsettled. The Christmas lights, trees, decorations and music... it was all too much. It was very over stimulating and with so much change everywhere it was quite frightening for our children who were pretty much non-verbal, they had no understanding of what was going on. 

Christine went on explain: 'They both just walked passed their presents on Christmas Day. I was devastated that they didn't get up and run down the stairs really excited 'like other kids'. I knew nothing about autism then.

'Now I'm fuelled with knowledge on their condition and I'm really looking forward to preparing them in advance to help them understand the magic of Christmas!

'I'm feeling confident we will have a happy Christmas this year… With a lot less decorations, they wouldn't care if they got 1 present or 10 and that is a quality you can't buy.'  

Christine and Paddy's twins were diagnosed with autism in 2017 and the model has previously told that Felicity is also showing signs of autism, but can't be diagnosed until she is at least three or four.

Speaking recently on Loose Women, Paddy told how he has went 'to town' this Christmas with presents as its the first year the children are getting more used to the festive season.

He said: 'For years with the children and their autism, they can get over stimulated. It's great, they love Christmas, it's just we've never really... this is the first year they're getting proper used to it.  

It comes after Christine revealed that Christmas is a difficult time of the year for their family as the children get 'easily overwhelmed and over stimulated'.

Speaking on her Instagram, she said: 'Talking all things autism and Christmas in the latest issue of @nationalautisticsociety magazine. Thank you for all you do, supporting families and raising awareness all year round.'

'This is always a very difficult time of year for us, the children get easily overwhelmed and over stimulated.

'It can be upsetting at times to watch our little ones struggle so much but each year we learn, we grow and we manage better than before.'

Christine previously opened up about Felicity on an appearance on This Morning.  

She said: 'I am looking for little things. If she does have autism, we'll get her the help she needs.

'She does things like standing on her tippy toes, and she likes dry food. But she is brand new, I don't want to put too much on it.'