Extremism cannot be exterminated by extremism. What we call the war against terrorism today is actually a crusade against Muslims (remember Bush's first reactionary words after 9/11). Our army is deployed in killing innocent people in the name of terrorism just to appease America whereas America does not hide its evil intentions by allowing its murdering hand (Israel) to decimate the unarmed and unprotected innocent civilians of Palestine on the pretext of rocket attacks. Bush killed over one million Iraqis on the excuse of they having weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) which he has himself admitted to be a false allegation. Similarly hundreds of thousands of precious lives were lost in Afghanistan with out any reason despite the fact that no Afghan was involved in 9/11. Our leaders should understand that this war of attrition in FATA is meant to weaken us internally till we become as vulnerable as Gaza. -ASIF MAHMOOD, Attock, via e-mail, January 11.