Former Pakistani ambassador to US Lt General (Retd) Mehmood Ali Durrani has been shown the door for biting more than he could chew. The concerned watchers of the national political scene were always wary of Mehmood Durrani, Husain Haqqani, Rehman Malik and PPP's top man at the helm. Other than Mr. Zardari himself, these are all un-elected gents entrusted with highly sensitive decision making. Guess who first came to retrieve Durrani out of the dungeon of ignominy? A person no less than the US ambassador to Pakistan is active on his behalf since his sacking. Was Durrani our man or theirs, everyone seems to ask the question? Was he on our payroll or theirs? Meanwhile, Durrani is out against government shooting with the mouth in foreign news media and TV channels. What kind of a man is he? Isn't he our version of a Zalme Khalilzad of Afghanistan? One hopes the Prime Minister neither withdraws his orders of sacking Durrani nor appoints Musharraf's buddy Tariq Aziz as the National Security Adviser. Only someone having our national interest close to his heart deserves such a sensitive position. By sacking Durrani, the Prime Minister has created a new image of himself in the eyes of the public. -Dr A.P. SANGDIL, Oslo, Norway, via e-mail, January 12.