LAHORE - The PPP-led federal government has started implementing conditions imposed by the international financial institutions including the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to get loans in order to stabilise the staggering economy of Pakistan, government sources confided to the daily Nawa-i-Waqt on Sunday. For the purpose, the regime is now taking measures to ensure good governance, slash non-development expenditures and reshuffle the federal cabinet. In separate meetings, both at the Finance Ministry and inside the Parliament, proposals are being prepared to cut government spendings including non-development expenditures. According to official sources, the government would make decisions to eliminate corruption, abolish culture of tax-evasion and cut expenditures to get more money to boost the shattered economy. The international financial institutions have shown their reservations over the trend of loot and plunder of national wealth, wastage of national resources and governance, they added. It is premature to say whether the IMF would give loans to Pakistan after such steps by the federal government. However, the Centre and provincial governments had agreed to take concrete some measures to put the staggering economy back on track, and possibly new taxes could also be levied for this purpose. The sources disclosed that proposal to introduce new tax system is also under consideration so as to increase the volume of direct taxes. The proposals include bringing the landlords and wealthy people in the tax net, they said. The sources in the Finance Ministry have confided that through measures and directions by the government it has been made it clear that the main problem is corruption, not lack of resources, which has ruined the economy of the country.