MANDI BAHUDDIN-The police claimed to have recovered 1,280 kg of dead meat being transported to Jhelum, Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

The police said the dead meat was being supplied to hotels and restaurants in Jhelum, Rawalpindi and Islamabad. The police, on a tip-off, intercepted a vehicle carrying the meat at Head Faqirian. Upon examination the meat was found unhygienic and unfit for human consumption. The police impounded the vehicle and registered a case against four slaughterers including the vehicle driver. It may be mentioned here that the Punjab Food Authority has completely failed to check and stop sale of adulterated food items as they are available in every general store, bakery, meat shop and vendors stalls.

PFA unearths, seals three Khoya factories

SARGODHA-The Punjab Food Authority team (PFA) on Tuesday unearthed three factories involved in the making of unhygienic and adulterated “Khoya” in the suburbs of the city. According to PFA sources, raids were conducted in three suburban villages – Oppi, Rawana and Chaowal. The officials seized hundreds of kilograms of “Khoya” prepared with hair removing power and other harmful chemicals. The officials also sealed the factories. The police have launched legal action against five culprits identified as Nasir Iqbal, Tahir Javed, Ishaq Hussain, Muhammad Sarwar and Muhammad Akram on the report of the Punjab Food Authority.